Automations refer to products such as remote controls, electronic boards, control panels, drive buttons, photocells, security devices, alarm automation, etc. The automations find application in security shutters, garage doors, opening & sliding doors, parking systems etc. All the automations that our company supplies and installs have all the required safety certificates, construction quality certificates and of course the guarantee of smooth operation offered by the specialized installation of our company's technicians.

Our suppliers have a long-standing presence in the automation market. As important as the correct choice of the main product (security roller, garage door), so important is the selection of appropriate automation as they will ensure the correct operation and maximum ergonomics of the main products. The extensive experience of our technicians in home and professional installations ensures the security you desire in your purchases!

Here are some of the types of products that belong to the automation of roller shutters and garage doors.


Remote controls for security shutters and garage doors


Remote control receivers


Keyboard and card reader (access control card reader with backlit keyboard)


230 VAC engine control panel for sliding doors & bars


Transit-safety photocells


230VAC motor control panel for double-leaf single-leaf opening doors


Operation warning light


Power button and key switch