Ceiling motors

Roof motors are a quality solution and maximum durability for the needs of the garage door. They are intended for both domestic and professional-industrial use. They are placed on the roof, saving useful space for movement and storage.


Central motors

Central motors are the most common and most economical way to electrically drive safety roller shafts with coil springs. They are placed in the middle of the shaft and are suitable for rolls of shops, garages, etc. with medium frequency of use.


Tubular motors

Tubular motors are mainly used in household roller shutters and are selected for reasons of economy and space saving. These are single-phase motors with consumption up to 500Watt. Their traction capacity reaches up to 350Kg.


Lateral motors

Lateral motors are ideal for safety rolling shutters with medium and high weight and with the use of high frequency (several times a day). They are mainly used in wide rolling shutters while they are equipped with many safety mechanisms.


Mechanisms for swinging doors

The mechanisms for swinging doors are available in many different versions and include linear mechanisms (arms), articulated and underfloor. They are suitable for moving a single-leaf or double-leaf door with a leaf length not exceeding 5m.


Mechanisms for sliding doors

Sliding door motors are available in many different versions and include mechanisms for moving a simple household door to move industrial doors of very heavy weight (up to 3,500 KG) and with a high frequency of use.


Mechanisms for automatic glass doors

The mechanisms and motors for automatic glass doors concern both the sliding and the opening glass doors. They are addressed to all types of automatic sliding & opening entrance doors in buildings, shops, shopping malls, clinics - hospitals etc.