Central roller motors are the most common and economical way to electrically drive rolling shutter shafts with coil springs.

They are placed in the middle of the shaft and are suitable for rolling shutters of shops, garages, etc. with medium frequency of use.They are available in different models depending on the weight of the shutter.

Our company, in addition to the supply of central motors, also undertakes their installation on existing manual rollin shutters as well as their repair/replacement.


Specifications of central motors

  • Suitable for medium weight rolling shutters and for medium frequency of use
  • Economical solution for electrically moving rolling shutter shafts with springs
  • Built-in terminal switches for automatic stop of the shutter when it closes or opens completely
  • Built-in electric brake to stabilize the rolling shutter in any position and to protect against tampering
  • Cable release mechanism for manual operation in case of power failure
  • Single phase supply 220V