They are considered to be the top roller motors on the market and not unjustly so. They are manufactured by the German company GFA, which has over 50 years of experience and specialization in these products and is the world leader in the market of mechanisms for industrial doors. Choosing such a roller motor is the best guarantee of safety and long-term operation.


Specifications of lateral motors by GFA

  • Ideal for rolling shutters used with high frequency
  • Ideal for rolling shutters with medium and heavy weight
  • Ideal for rolling shutters with a large width
  • Shaft of large diameters and thicknesses
  • Specially designed flanges and shafts
  • Wide variety of axles to meet all needs
  • Structures specially designed for minimal bending arrow
  • Special demand for larger dimensions
  • Motors specially designed for roller lifting
  • Built-in fall control system
  • Motors designed for practically unlimited operating cycles
  • Three-phase motors and in special demand single-phase
  • Internal manual operation with the help of a crank or chain
  • Easily adjustable upper and lower terminals
  • Built-in electric brake that allows the rolling shutter to be stopped at any height and prevents its violation
  • Anti-explosive mecanism is also available on special request
  • Special GFA motors for higher lift speeds
  • Special layouts with chain reduction for lifting very heavy rolling shutters
  • Special devices (parachute) to prevent uncontrolled fall from chain breakage