The mechanisms and motors for automatic glass doors concern both the sliding and the opening glass doors. They are addressed to all types of automatic sliding & opening entrance doors for all uses in buildings, shops, malls, hospitals - clinics, airports, etc.

Mechanisms for automatic glass doors in addition to the motor include motion detection radar, security photocells, electromechanical lock on the motor, battery kits for autonomous operation in case of power failure, panic exit system in case of danger, telescopic device for up to 4 sliding sheets for large passage opening, controlled access via remote control / computers / card readers and fingerprint detectors etc. Our company supplies and installs the highest quality products on the market.


Specifications of the mechanism GS-100 by GU-BKS

  • The modular design offers quick installation and maintenance of the mechanism
  • Easy and simple start-up and operation
  • The use of large rollers ensures smooth and noise-free operation as well as durability
  • Fast opening with speed up to 0.9 m/s
  • Focusing on the basic functions of the mechanism, we achieve excellent quality with optimal value for money

Datasheet GS-100