Sectional garage doors open vertically upwards and are suspended from the roof to save space. This construction principle means that you can make full use of the space inside and in front of the garage for parking.

Various installation possibilities

The shape of the structural opening of the garage does not play any role. Whether it is square, trapezoidal, curved or semicircular arc. The Hörmann sectional garage door always fits. Larger passage dimensions thanks to the larger passage width, entering and exiting the garage by car is much easier. A crucial advantage for large cars, vans and off-road vehicles.

Perimeter sealing

Hörmann sectional garage doors are equipped on all four sides with flexible and weather resistant sealing rubbers, which protect the garage from wind and rain. The rubber in the final profile is large in size and covers even small floor irregularities. Old up & over garage doors often left very narrow margins. The width of the passage in the sectional garage doors has been increased up to 14 cm, a fact that greatly facilitates the drivers of large modern passenger cars when entering the garage. On all four sides with weatherproof rubber.

Get more comfort automatically

It is getting dark and the weather is bad - you enter the garage driving, without having to go down to open the garage door. At this moment you feel confident that the decision for greater comfort and safety was the right one. This and many other benefits, such as automatic garage door insurance, are available to anyone who has decided in favor of a Hörmann garage door. Hörmann automatic sectional garage doors have been inspected and certified in accordance with TTZ "Anti-burglary protection for garage doors" by TÜV. Excludes garage doors with manhole and garage doors with windows.

Reassuringly safe

Hörmann's sectional garage doors with automation are inviolable - uninvited guests are lost. When the garage door is closed, the grab immediately locks automatically and tightly to the driver of the mechanism, making the breach with a crowbar impossible. This system operates mechanically and therefore operates without power supply.

Faster entrance to the garage

Up to 50% higher opening speed of SupraMatic mechanisms in combination with Hörmann sectional garage doors, saves time and reduces the chance of an accident on busy roads. Compare the opening speed of the SupraMatic drive with that of conventional drives.

Comfortable handling

To operate the sectional garage door with automation at any time with ease and comfort, Hörmann offers the right portable or stationary accessory for all installations - from the mini remote control, password keypad and fingerprint reader to special solutions , such as the emergency backup battery.

Three types of panel, same high quality

Hörmann steel sectional garage doors are available in three types depending on your needs. Single wall LTE garage doors are the most economical solution - they are ideal for garages that are not in contact with other buildings and thus do not need thermal insulation.

Double wall EPU garage doors with adequate thermal insulation are the solution when your garage is connected to the house or if there is access to the house from the garage.

Double wall LPU garage doors offer the best possible insulation. They are suitable when using the garage e.g. as a lab or you want to reduce energy costs. Also the 42 mm thick panels result in even greater stability and less noise when moving the door.

Three attractive surfaces with many color options

Choose from three attractive and weather-resistant surfaces for steel doors: Woodgrain, Silkgrain or Micrograin. The surfaces have excellent rust protection, the rain flows without leaving traces of water and they do not get dirty from the pollution of the environment. The Hormann steel sectional garage doors and the corresponding side doors with Woodgrain, Silkgrain and Micrograin surfaces are available at the factory in extremely economical Traffic white, in 15 colors of choice of the same price, as well as in about 200 RAL colors.
Long-lasting protection for durability at all times thanks to the galvanized material with the powerful priming of polyester powder paint.

Six decorative surfaces for a harmonious door design

Decograin surface is available with five wood decoration options: Light Oak, Golden Oak, Dark Oak, Night Oak, Rosewood and the elegant Titan Metallic. This dark charcoal trim matches perfectly with CH 703 Hörmann home doors. The interior sides of the doors are usually gray and white.