Characteristic of the high degree of security of up & over garage doors is the flexible protective covers over the lever arms and the plastic rods between the door leaf and the frame. They reduce the risk of grip and injury. You will only find this high standard of security at Hörmann's up & over garage doors.

Multi-spring safety system

In the event that after many years one of the lever arm springs breaks, the intact springs protect the garage door. This way the garage door is reliably protected against falling. The distance between the coils of the springs is so small that even the fingers of children are protected.

Safe opening

When fully open, the garage door stops at the stop and stops completely in the driver's rail cavity.

Absolute sealing

The specially shaped lever arm presses the door when closing well on the frame. This leaves no gap between the garage door and the frame. The door is hermetically sealed.

better anti-burglary protection

The unique rotary safety of Hörmann up & over garage doors secures the corners of the door leaves to the frame and thus locks much more securely than conventional bar locks. Opening the garage door with a crowbar becomes practically impossible. With an optional accessory that you can easily install yourself, the garage door locks up as well.