The electro-hydraulic dock levellers bridge the gap between the floor and the floor of the truck allowing the safe handling. When ramp is raised, the rotating lip of the ramp is positioned on the loading part of the lorry and follows the up and down movements of the vehicle during loading and unloading.

The electo-hydraulic dock leveller OPTIMA of the Italian company Kopron is the most reliable and economical of the market. Their structure is robust and their design is functional in accordance with international standards of logistics processes.



  • The upper plate is made of strong steel profiles with different sections and distances between one another, the flat part is made of an antiskid steel sheet thickness 6mm (+ 2mm thickness of the antiskid ribs)
  • The rotating lip of 400mm length is made of robust antiskid steel sheet 12 mm thick with reinforcements underneath, with a beveled front part folded in order to create the best adhesion the loading part of the truck
  • The hydraulic pistons are chromed. The piston that elevates the dock leveller is inside a cylinder 70mm diameter and lip's piston is inside a cylinder of 40 mm diameter
  • They have IP54 control panel with various functions and Emergency STOP. Also, besides the valves which control hydraulics, there is an additional safety valve which immobilize and lock the ramp in case of accidental movement of the truck
  • They have lateral security plates to prevent accidents
  • It is certified for large dynamic / static loads
  • Available in 4 standard dimensions: W 2000mm XL 2350mm, W 2200mm XL 2350mm, W 2000mm XL 2900mm, W 2200mm XL 2900mm. The height is 550mm
  • The standard color of the ramp is gray RAL 7016 tint

Kopron KRL-I / KRA-I