Our company supplies and installs parking and vehicle access/traffic control systems as well as various accessories, necessary for these systems such as card readers, software for card readers, magnetic loops that detect the passage of vehicles, etc. Our experienced technicians as well as our know-how both in the facilities and in the service of the systems ensure the complete coverage of your needs.

Manual folding parking bars

  • Prevent the stopping and parking of other cars in your parking lot or at the entrance of your apartment building/store
  • Made of reinforced galvanized materials
  • Electrostatically painted
  • They lock with a simple lift (do not need the key to lock)
  • Built-in lock in the construction of 3 keys
  • Easy installation with plugs which are included in the package
  • Strong & robust construction

Motorized folding bar with remote control

  • My Park is the best solution for protecting your private car park. Prevents the stopping and parking of foreign vehicles in your private space and facilitates your use as it works with batteries
  • With photovoltaic panel for continuous charging of batteries
  • Easy to install
  • No cable connection required because it is fully wireless with battery
  • Robust construction
  • Made of galvanized materials & electrostatically painted
  • Withstands weight up to 500kg
  • Impact resistant
  • A charger is included in the package

Traffic control bars

  • The identification of the people who use the specific space (parking, garage, business) is ensured
  • Electronic bar with industrial type motor for poles of different lengths
  • Built-in LED lighthouse Built-in dual travel terminals (mechanical & electronic) at opening and closing
  • Robust construction
  • Very simple to operate, install and program
  • Installed electronic board already programmed
  • The board can connect all safety devices
  • Opening and closing deceleration function
  • In case of power failure it has internal unlock for manual operation