Profile options

Flat cross section profile made of transparent polycarbonate (Transpaforza)

Made of repeating elements from special polymer plastic P.C.P. high strength (the dimensions of the basic unit are: 360 X 80mm), which are connected to each other with 16mm aluminum pipes, 2mm thick. Due to its transparent texture, it allows operation inside the store in conditions of natural light, but is not limited to this. The thermal insulation, but also the sound insulation it offers is better than the corresponding metal rolling shutters. Finally, its insulation makes it particularly resistant to fire, and to contact with any type of chlorine-based chemical.

Complies with European safety standards - Fire resistance according to French M2 class standards

Its construction material offers unlimited resistance to corrosion, since the plastic does not oxidize even in coastal areas where metal shutters usually have a limited lifespan. Respectively, it protects 100% from the harmful UV radiation of the sun, which results in the fading of the exhibits in the shop windows most of the time. Compared to perforated or mesh shutters, they provide protection from water, air and dust. Suitable for all types and dimensions of stores, as the internal aluminum beams ensure unprecedented levels of rigidity and strength. Equally important is its ability to be combined with closed type roller profiles to adjust the desired level of transparency.


Curved or flat cross section profile made of perforated galvanized sheet metal (L80D, L110D)

The profiles of the open type rolling shutters with perforation are flat or curved cross section and its choice depends on the aesthetic result and the level of durability you want. In general, curved profiles provide greater rigidity and strength, but have a higher cost.

  • The perforated profile L80D is made of hot-dip galvanized sheet metal curved cross-section 1mm thick. It combines the visibility of the space and maximum security. This profile is also available for single wall safety shutters without perforation (L80).


  • The perforated profile L110D is made of hot-dip galvanized sheet metal with a thickness of 0.8-1 mm, so that there is no reduction in its strength due to drilling. It combines the possibility of visibility of the space and the maximum security. The best seller of the shutters, with low cost and high quality. And this profile is available without perforation for single wall safety shutters (L110).

Grilles rolling shutters made of galvanized steel in 3 dimensions (Small-medium-large eye)

Grilles rolling shutters are suitable for shops and business premises. They offer the security you need and at the same time the maximum possible lighting and ventilation. They are made of solid 8mm diameter galvanized iron rods shaped in a hydraulic press, which are connected to each other with strong galvanized steel bundles creating various openings (eyes). The grilles blinds are available in 3 types: "Big Eye", "Middle Eye" and "Small Eye". The strength of the roll increases from the "Big Eye" to the "Small Eye".

Small eye: The densest layout with dimensions of "eye" 70mmX55mm.
This type of rolling shutter is mainly used to protect shops and malls, which exhibit small goods behind the roll.
The small eye grille rolling shutter offers high levels of security and a lower degree of transparency.

Middle eye: Thinner layout with "eye" dimensions 90mm x 130mm
This type of rolling shutter has intermediate dimensions in order to offer great transparency and a high level of security.

Big eye: The thinnest layout with dimensions of "eye" 170mm X 115 mm
This type of rolling shutter is mainly used to protect the windows of shops and malls, which exhibit large merchandise behind the roll.
The level of security is lower compared to the denser types of grilles rolling shutters, but the degree of transparency it offers is the maximum.